Indoor air quality (IAQ) in our homes is a very important health factor, however most people have no insight in the quality of the air they breathe. The Smart Homes solution offers an answer to that. Our device senses different parameters of indoor air quality (CO2, CO, particulate matter, humidity, temperature). All information is logged in the cloud and can be accessed by app or web. Extra functionality can be added for monitoring activity patterns in your home. You can share the information with your personal contacts, offering an extra layer of safety to your home.

Smart Home

Technology is knocking on our door. It brings new possibilities for a safer, healthier and more energy efficient home. Smoke detectors can now be complemented by a connected device that senses air quality, temperature, humidity and particulate matter. Besides the indoor air quality it is possible to monitor activity patterns in and around your home.


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The Internet Of Things

More and more things in your home are connected to the internet. This brings new opportunities for comfort, health and safety. Watch the video from FW: Thinking below for examples and more information.