By monitoring the dynamics in a building there is a lot to be economised in the operational costs of a building. The variations in occupancy, air quality and weather conditions can be used to automate processes like HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and AirConditioning), to control lighting and to schedule cleaning or maintenance. The indirect benefits are even more important: research indicates that good indoor air quality (CO2 levels) is an important factor for learning performance and workplace productivity. Add that to the direct gains in facility management and you have a sound business case for implementing a smart building solution.

Smart Building

Our device enables any organisation to create a safe, sustainable and energy efficient work environment. By installing multiple sensors in your office building, store or workplace and collecting sensor data on for example temperature, occupancy level and CO2 you will be able to save on energy costs or improve indoor air quality.



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Our device can be used for a great number of buildings and situations. Whether it’s a school, an office building, a farm, a swimming pool, a hospital or a garage. Our product can be customized to your individual situation.


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