Getting your MVP


The big crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter require you to have an mvp, you need to demonstrate that you have the skills to succeed in making the final product.

They require this because a lot of campaigns fail because lack of knowledge and experience in product development,  this is not only a pure technical thing. Getting a good insight into the  COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold) is imperative, you love your product but there is no romance without finance!

Here we offer a helping hand, we can  not only make your mvp but can also transform it into a full product ready for large scale production when your campaign becomes a succes

From MVP to large scale production

The MVP we have created is the basis for your final product in here we cover every aspect not only technical but also in legal and economic sense.

Together with our exstensive network we will releave you of the burden of making the product so you can focus on two of the most important aspects: Marketing and customer satisfaction!

Let us do our work so you can do yours!


Can I affort this?


Yes WE can!

If you have a good and solid basic busines case/plan* than we are willing to invest into your idea, thats why we say: Yes WE can!

You will not become "just" a client but a partner and a  friend.

We will not work for free but we can make it affodable.


Why do we do this?

This service we have created is something that would have helped us a lot when we started  years ago, but we could never find one

*being entrepreneurs we do not believe in a 150 pages business plan, you need this to get VC funding but not for getting an MVP!

Your drive, energy and creativeness is more important for us than countless sheets of paper.