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Products and services

We make complete products, improve existing products or any part that comes with that.

For some clients we build complete systems including patents applications and trademark registration,  and for others we provide  consultancy.

Our clients range from the ministry of defense to insurance companies, startup accelerators, telecom operaters, ngo's and municipalities.

Our primary focus is in developing hardware and ambedded systems but during the years we developed adjecent skills to provide added value to our clients.


Hollistic approach

To succesfully generate or improve products, services and/or business models we need to take an hollistic aproach.


Everything is connected, if you do not take care of licensing, certifications, ip, finance and so one than if you do not fail you will loose at least a considerable amount of time and resouces.

At smartsensors.me we take into account every aspect, not only technical and legal but also social because a well motivated team is imperative in achieving succes.