The story of starts with you. Or more importantly; with your needs. In 2013 we started testing sensors and what started out with a few sensors soon grew out to a device with more than 10 different sensors. By directing the big data our sensors were creating to the cloud we were able to find a way to analyze the data and make sense of it.

At the beginning it was just something fun to do, but it soon became clear there was a definite need for a sensory system that was easy to use for everyone; young or old, technical savvy or not technical at all. And so was created. A company designed to be able to provide customers with information about every space imaginable so you can create a more sustainable environment for you, your family, your friends and everyone else.


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André Kapitein

Founder & CTO


+316 46 33 17 05

Our Team

Frank Tichelaar MsC MBA



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